Bucket load

A bucket load of split hardwood or softwood. Approximately 1/6 of a cord.


$40.00 Pick up only!


All prices include tax!

Bag of firewood

Our bags of firewood are .75 cubic feet!


Kindling or hardwood


Great for camping or that backyard adventure!


$5.00 a bag


All prices include tax!



Rough lumber

All prices are per foot and include tax!

Prices are subject to change.

1x4 - .30c                 2x8 - .90c

1x5 - .35c                 2x10 - $1.45

1x6 - .40c               

1x8 - .60c                4x4 - .85c

1x10 - .75c              4x6 - $1.95

                                  6x6 - $2.50

2x4 - .45c                6x8 - $3.50                           

2x6 - .70c                  8x8 -$6.00

Firewood cut and Split

Hardwood or softwood cut and split. Pickup or delivery.1 Cord Softwood $200 Cord Hardwood $250

 2 Cord Hardwood $500 All prices include tax!Seasoned wood, when available.

Contact us for other delivery estimates!


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